Our Word on Organics

We pride ourselves on producing a truly wholesome product that you can enjoy with peace of mind. We adhere to very strict health and production protocols and the many riders through Rawhide Adventures that have come up to see the cows and calves out on pasture, or in their winter yards, can attest to their healthy sheen and free roaming attitude.

Naturally Raised, Antibiotic Free, Hormone Free, Premium Grass Fed Beef.

We have marketed our beef as a “Natural Beef” for more than 25 years. Even though the Ranch was certified organic in 1988, the beef is not because we use iodine on the navel of the newborn calf and vaccinate the mothers so that their colostrum is the best it can be for the newborn babe. Neither practice is accepted by the OCIA, Organic Crop Improvement Association, the certifying body whose guidelines we follow.