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So, a little education on ordering freezer beef might be necessary:

  • a Beef = a whole beef has 2 Sides – each Side can be custom cut to different specifications or the whole beef can be custom cut to the same specifications. (That’s a lot of beef!)
  • a Side = (1/2 a Beef) – your order is custom cut to your specifications
  • a Split Side = (AKA Mixed 1/4) This order is usually shared between two groups (i.e. 2 families) where the Side is custom cut to specification but its divided or split into two orders with cuts from the front and hind quarters making up each order. If you do not have someone to “share” with, we will still fill your Split Side order but you will not necessarily get all your customization as we will need to find the other “Split”. (confused?)
  • Sorry, as a rule, we do not offer Front Quarters or Hind Quarters

Our beef costs $4.50/lb which includes custom cutting and wrapping. To give you an idea, a Side of PVR all natural premium grass-fed Black Angus beef weighs approximately 275lbs plus/minus 15%.  This is called the hanging weight for your order.

Now, Here are the steps to ordering some fabulous beef…

First: Decide what you want to order and provide us with your deposit:

Let us know that you want to order our grass finished beef! Provide us with a deposit to secure your order - see our deposit expectations below…(scroll down!)

Second: Custom cutting instructions: 

Complete our online Cutting Instructions


We will confirm your order and ask you for your cutting instructions if we do not receive them before end of June. Just prior to delivery (in August) we will request the balance calculated on your order’s hanging weight which will be payable on delivery.

Deposit Required…

PVR Grass Fed Beef Deposit
Product Options
1Deposit for a Beef$1,000.00
2Deposit for a Side$500.00
3Deposit for a Split Side$250.00
Shipping Rate: F
Order PVR Grass Fed Beef Deposit

We thank you for your interest in our ranch raised grass finished beef!