Our Ranch

Peace Valley Ranch Limited has been in the ranching business since 1965. We maintain our own Black Angus breeding herd and produce a fantastic beef. Our wide open spaces, home grown forage and a “Grass Fed” finish is our recipe for success. Quality genetics guarantee a consistent tender beef, be it for the BBQ or as pot roast.


Reconnect with the food you eat, KNOW

where it comes from…

  • We, the producers, are directly accountable to you for the Premium Beef you buy
  • We know how it is raised and will answer all of your questions
  • We are, proudly, a Foodland Ontario producer
  • We operate under the “Ontario Environmental Farm Plan Guidelines”
  • Our consistent genetics plus consistent diet equals consistently terrific Premium Beef
  • Our bulls are Triple AAA rated Black Angus Certified
  • Your Premium Beef is 100% inspected by our provincial government
  • We make sure your beef is aged for a minimum of two weeks
  • We respect that you work hard for your money
  • We guarantee the quality of our product or your money back on the unused portion of your order
  • Your shopping dollar goes directly to an Ontario Family Ranch
  • $4.50/lb hanging weight includes custom cutting and wrapping!

If you would like to come and see us, we would be happy to make an appointment with you and show you around the Ranch!